Afragola is a town located in the Campania region of Italy, just a few kilometers north of Naples. The town is known for its historic center, charming atmosphere, and delicious cuisine. Visitors can stroll through the old streets, admire the stunning architecture, and taste local specialties.

Top 5 Touristic Highlights:

  1. Santa Maria d'Arco Church - This beautiful Baroque church is one of the town's most significant landmarks. Visitors can admire the impressive façade and interior, which features stunning frescoes and artwork. Website:

  2. Museum of Contemporary Art Donnaregina - Just a short drive from Afragola, this modern museum houses an impressive collection of contemporary art. Visitors can enjoy works by international artists and explore the changing exhibitions. Website:

  3. Cimitile Archaeological Site - This ancient Roman necropolis is just a few kilometers from Afragola and offers a fascinating glimpse into the past. Visitors can explore the well-preserved tombs and learn about the customs and beliefs of the ancient Romans. Website:

  4. Bourbon Palace of Carditello - This impressive palace was once the hunting lodge of the Bourbon kings of Naples. Today, visitors can admire the stunning architecture and explore the extensive parklands, which are home to herds of buffalo and other wildlife. Website:

  5. Afragola Nature Reserve - This beautiful nature reserve is a haven for birdwatchers and nature lovers. Visitors can explore the tranquil woodland paths and observe the many species of birds and other wildlife that call the reserve home. Website:

Directions to Afragola:

By plane: The nearest airport is Naples International Airport, which is approximately 10 kilometers south of Afragola.

By train: Afragola has a train station that is serviced by regional trains from Naples and other nearby towns. The journey from Naples takes around 10 minutes.

By car: Afragola is located just off the A1 motorway, which connects Naples with Rome. The town is approximately 10 kilometers north of Naples and is easily accessible by car.