Giugliano in Campania

Giugliano in Campania is a picturesque town located in the province of Naples, in the southern Italian region of Campania. With a history dating back to the Roman era, Giugliano is home to many ancient monuments, churches, and archaeological sites. Its strategic location also makes it an excellent starting point for exploring the beautiful coastline of the region, including the nearby islands of Ischia and Capri.

Here are the top 7 tourist highlights in Giugliano in Campania:

  1. Villa Comunale - This beautiful public park is an excellent spot for a relaxing stroll, picnic, or a game of soccer. It features a scenic lake, several fountains, and a playground for children. Website:

  2. Anfiteatro Romano - The Roman Amphitheater in Giugliano is a testament to the town's rich history. The amphitheater dates back to the 1st century AD and could seat up to 10,000 spectators. It was used for gladiatorial games and other public spectacles. Website:

  3. Museo Archeologico - This museum showcases a collection of archaeological finds from the region, including ancient Roman artifacts and prehistoric objects. Website:

  4. Parco degli Uccelli - This bird park is a paradise for nature lovers, featuring a variety of exotic bird species from around the world. Visitors can enjoy guided tours and bird shows. Website:

  5. Lago Patria - This beautiful lake is a popular spot for fishing and boating. It is also surrounded by several parks, restaurants, and other attractions. Website:

  6. Santuario della Madonna dell'Arco - This charming sanctuary is a popular destination for pilgrims and tourists alike. It features a beautiful Baroque-style church and several chapels. Website:

  7. Acquapark - This water park is a great place to cool off and have fun on a hot summer day. It features several water slides, pools, and other attractions. Website:

Directions to Giugliano in Campania:

By plane: The nearest airport is Naples International Airport, which is located about 20 km away from Giugliano. From the airport, you can take a taxi or a bus to Giugliano.

By train: Giugliano has a train station that is served by several regional trains. The station is located on the Naples-Formia line.

By car: Giugliano is located about 20 km north of Naples, and can be easily reached by car via the A1 motorway.