Catanzaro is a beautiful city located in the Calabria region of Italy. The city is known for its stunning historic center, beautiful beaches, and delicious cuisine. Visitors to Catanzaro can explore the city's rich history and culture, sample the local cuisine, and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery of the region.

Top 10 Touristic Highlights in Catanzaro:

  1. Castello Normanno-Svevo - A medieval castle perched on a hill overlooking the city. Website:
  2. Museo MARCA - A contemporary art museum featuring works by local and international artists. Website:
  3. Parco della Biodiversità Mediterranea - A nature reserve with a rich variety of flora and fauna. Website:
  4. Chiesa di San Giovanni in Piazza - A beautiful baroque church located in the historic center of the city. Website:
  5. Villa Trieste - A beautiful historic villa with stunning gardens and panoramic views of the city. Website:
  6. Ponte Bisantis - A stunning bridge spanning the river Savuto, known for its beautiful architecture and views. Website:
  7. Teatro Politeama - A beautiful theater located in the heart of the city, featuring a rich program of cultural events. Website:
  8. Chiesa di Sant'Omobono - A beautiful church located in the historic center of the city, featuring stunning baroque architecture. Website:
  9. Lido di Catanzaro - A beautiful beach located just outside the city, with crystal-clear waters and pristine sand. Website:
  10. Museo Archeologico - A museum showcasing the rich history of the region, with exhibits spanning from prehistoric times to the Middle Ages. Website:

Directions to Catanzaro:

By plane - The closest airport is Lamezia Terme International Airport, located about 40 km from Catanzaro. From there, it's possible to take a train or bus to Catanzaro. By train - Catanzaro has its own train station, with frequent connections to other cities in Italy, including Rome and Naples. The train station is located in the city center. By car - Catanzaro is easily accessible by car, with major highways connecting it to other parts of Italy. From Naples, it's about a 4-hour drive. Catanzaro is located in the Calabria region of Italy.