Erice is a small medieval town located on top of Mount Erice, in the province of Trapani, Sicily, Italy. The town is known for its stunning views, cobblestone streets, and historic architecture, which dates back to the Norman period. Erice attracts visitors from around the world who come to explore its ancient walls, visit its numerous churches, and enjoy the panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

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Highlights of Erice:

  1. Castello di Venere (Castle of Venus) - a Norman castle located on the summit of Mount Erice, offering breathtaking views of the sea and countryside. Website:

  2. Chiesa Madre (Mother Church) - a beautiful church built in the 14th century, featuring stunning architecture and intricate artwork. Website:

  3. Giardino del Balio (Balio Gardens) - a charming park filled with colorful flowers, trees, and fountains, offering a peaceful retreat from the bustle of the town. Website:

  4. Torretta Pepoli (Pepoli Tower) - a medieval tower located on the western side of Erice, offering panoramic views of the town and surrounding countryside. Website:

  5. Museo Cordici (Cordici Museum) - a museum dedicated to the history of Erice and the surrounding area, featuring exhibits on art, culture, and local traditions. Website:

Directions to Erice:

By Car:

Erice is located approximately 75 km (47 miles) from Palermo, the capital of Sicily. The journey takes around 1 hour and 20 minutes by car. From Palermo, take the A29 motorway towards Trapani, and then follow the signs for Erice.

By Plane:

The nearest airport to Erice is Vincenzo Florio Airport in Trapani, located approximately 40 km (25 miles) from the town. The airport serves domestic and international flights, including low-cost airlines such as Ryanair and Wizz Air. From the airport, you can hire a car or take a taxi to Erice. Alternatively, you can take a bus from Trapani to Erice, which takes around 30 minutes.