Sciacca is a charming seaside town located on the southern coast of Sicily. It's a popular tourist destination that attracts visitors from all over the world with its stunning beaches, rich history, and cultural events. Sciacca has a lively atmosphere, and there's always something going on, from the colorful festivals to the vibrant nightlife.

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More information about Sciacca:

Beaches: Sciacca has some of the most beautiful beaches in Sicily. The town boasts both sand and rock beaches, giving visitors a choice of options for their beach experience. The most popular sandy beaches are located to the east of the town, including Capo San Marco, Sovareto, and Lumia. The rock beaches are located to the west of the town, including Torre del Barone and Mollarella.

Cultural highlights or events:

  1. Carnival of Sciacca - This is one of the biggest and most colorful festivals in Sicily, held in February or March. It features elaborate floats, colorful costumes, and live music.

  2. Palio di Sciacca - This is a traditional horse race held in August, where the different neighborhoods of the town compete against each other.

  3. Castello Incantato - This is an open-air museum located on the outskirts of Sciacca. It features a collection of surreal sculptures created by the artist Filippo Bentivegna.

Hospitality on and off the beaches:

Sciacca has a wide range of accommodation options to suit all budgets, including hotels, B&Bs, and apartments. There are also plenty of bars and restaurants in the town, serving traditional Sicilian cuisine, seafood, and pizza. On the beaches, there are several beach bars and restaurants where you can enjoy a refreshing drink or a meal while admiring the beautiful sea view.


Car: If you're traveling by car, take the A29 motorway from Palermo or Trapani and exit at Castelvetrano. Then follow the SS115 towards Sciacca. The journey takes around 2 hours from Palermo and 1 hour from Trapani.

Plane: The nearest airports to Sciacca are Palermo Airport (Falcone-Borsellino) and Trapani Airport (Vincenzo Florio). From Palermo Airport, you can take a bus or train to Palermo city center, then continue your journey to Sciacca by bus or train. From Trapani Airport, you can take a bus or taxi to Trapani city center, then continue your journey to Sciacca by bus or train. The journey takes around 1-2 hours from both airports.