Corigliano-Rossano is a charming town located in the Calabria region of southern Italy, known for its stunning architecture, rich history, and picturesque countryside. With a mix of ancient and modern attractions, Corigliano-Rossano is a great destination for travelers looking to experience the best of Italy.

Top 6 Touristic Highlights in Corigliano-Rossano:

  1. Corigliano Castle - A well-preserved medieval castle located in the heart of Corigliano, featuring stunning views of the surrounding countryside. Website:
  2. Rossano Cathedral - An ancient church located in the historic center of Rossano, featuring stunning mosaics and intricate carvings. Website:
  3. Codex Purpureus Rossanensis - An ancient illuminated manuscript dating back to the 6th century, housed in the Diocesan Museum of Rossano. Website:
  4. Sybaris Archaeological Site - An ancient Greek settlement located just outside Corigliano, with ruins dating back to the 8th century BC. Website:
  5. Amarelli Licorice Factory - A family-run licorice factory located in Rossano, where visitors can learn about the history and production of this beloved Italian treat. Website:
  6. Sila National Park - A vast nature reserve located just outside Corigliano-Rossano, featuring hiking trails, stunning lakes, and breathtaking mountain views. Website:

Directions to Corigliano-Rossano:

By plane - The closest airport is Lamezia Terme Airport, located about 100 km from Corigliano-Rossano. From there, it's possible to take a taxi or public transportation to the town. By train - Corigliano-Rossano has its own train station, with frequent connections to other cities in Italy, including Rome and Naples. The train station is located in the town center. By car - Corigliano-Rossano is easily accessible by car, with major highways connecting it to other parts of Italy. From Naples, it's about a 4-hour drive. Corigliano-Rossano is located in the Calabria region of southern Italy, on the Ionian coast.