Nemi is a small picturesque town located in the Lazio region of Italy, overlooking the beautiful Lake Nemi. This town is known for its famous wild strawberries, which grow only in this region. Nemi is a popular tourist destination because of its scenic beauty, historical sites, and cultural events. The town is also surrounded by the Parco dei Castelli Romani, which offers a stunning view of the surrounding landscape.

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Highlights of Nemi:

  1. Museo delle Navi Romane: This museum is located in the heart of Nemi and showcases two ancient Roman ships that were discovered at the bottom of Lake Nemi. The museum also provides information on the history of the town and the lake. Website:

  2. Il Giardino del' Ninfeo: This beautiful garden is located in the center of Nemi and has a stunning view of the lake. The garden is adorned with sculptures, fountains, and beautiful flowers. Website:

  3. Chiesa di Santa Maria del Monte: This church is situated on the top of the hill and offers a breathtaking view of the lake and the town. The church dates back to the 16th century and houses several beautiful artworks.

  4. Castello Ruspoli: This castle was built in the 16th century and is located in the heart of Nemi. The castle is now a private property and is not open to the public, but you can still admire its beautiful architecture from outside.

  5. Wild Strawberry Festival: This festival takes place in June every year and is dedicated to the famous wild strawberries of Nemi. The festival includes food stalls, music performances, and other cultural events.

Directions to Nemi:

By car: Nemi is about 30 kilometers south of Rome, and you can reach there by taking the SS7 or the Via Appia. The journey takes about 45 minutes from Rome.

By plane: The nearest airport to Nemi is Rome Ciampino Airport, which is about 15 kilometers away. From the airport, you can take a taxi or a bus to reach Nemi. Alternatively, you can also fly into Rome Fiumicino Airport, which is about 50 kilometers away, and then take a taxi or a train to Nemi.